Description: El Charco Azul is an espectacular route considered one of the best via ferrata in Valencia and also one of the best top 50 vias ferratas in Spain. It is a very unique via ferrata due to its lack of safety line that requires climbing techniques to climb it. El Charco Azul is an extremely physical route with overhanging sections, tiny metal supports and huge run outs between them. That is probably why is so unique, because it takes some real effort to finish it.


 Difficulty: Very High, the metal rebars are seriously far apart from each other. Definitely not for beginners and also take into account that requires sport climbing techniques to climb it due to its lack of safety line.

Approach: 15 min from the village parking lot.

High: ~100m. 4 anchors, 1st at 25m, 2nd at 50, 3rd at 75m and 4th at 100m the end.

Return: Hike to the parking lot at the village ~15min.

Material: All material required for climbing multi-pitch sport climbing routes. This route does not have safety line and requires sport climbing techniques to climb it. Always wear helmet.

Here a video prepared by a friend of mine, Raul, on its first ascent to El Charco Azul, Chulilla, Spain. I hope you enjoy it!

By Raul Gomez