With more than 800 routes, Chulilla (Valencia) is one of the best rock climbing areas in Spain. Its limestone canyon shaped by the Turia river makes Chulilla a great place for sport climbing.

The routes’ grades range from low 6s through to the mid to high 8s making Chulilla a perfect climbing area for most climbers. The routes are usually quite long, in some cases requiring a 80m rope (always make sure your rope is long enough).

While having routes at all grades, many climbers consider Chulilla to be the 7c paradise and for those that climb around this grade will definitely have endless supply of routes and projects.


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Climbing Guide

Published in february 2013 the new Chulilla guidebook is a great resource to move around the different areas and crags. The guidebook is in color and bilingual [english/spanish] with a price of 18. You can buy it at the bar and the estanco (tabaco shop) in the main village square.


Chulilla climbing guidebook


Our best gratitude to the city council for promoting rock climbing in the area and all the local climbers and developers that have done an incredible effort to transform Chulilla in one of the best rock climbing areas in Valencia and Spain. Special thanks to Pedro Pons and Nuria Marti, Paco “Litri” Martos, Nacho Aznar and many others locals.


Tony Bonet bolting and cleaning a route


Mediterranean weather is characterized by warm to hot, dry summers and mild to cool, wet winters. This makes Chulilla a great place for the practice of rock climbing all year round.

Weather forecast:

Partly Cloudy
Wednesday 07/12/2016 10%
Partly Cloudy
Partly cloudy. Low 9C.
Tomorrow 08/12/2016 10%
Cloudy skies. High 17C. Winds NNE at 10 to 15 km/h.
Mostly Cloudy
Friday 09/12/2016 10%
Mostly Cloudy
Mostly cloudy skies. High 18C. Winds light and variable.
Saturday 10/12/2016 10%
Sunny. High around 20C. Winds SW at 10 to 15 km/h.
Sunday 11/12/2016 10%
A mainly sunny sky. High 19C. Winds light and variable.